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Hi, I’m Maryellen, the creator of Timeless Family Treasures! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been exploring my grandparents’ houses looking at old photos, old yearbooks, anything I could get my hands on. I’ve always had a fascination with history and seeing photos or videos of the past only makes that excitement grow.

When my grandfather turned 90, I put together an hour-long video of his life. There were photos, testimonials, videos, messages and stories from loved ones. Watching it together, we laughed, we cried, and he’s watched it countless times since that first viewing.

Through that project, came the idea for Timeless Family Treasures. Having countless family memories digitized has brought so much joy to my family - there are photos that my aunts and uncles have never seen before and there are stories being shared because of these memories.

I want to bring the same joy to your families and it couldn’t be easier for you! Book a FREE video consultation so we can discuss what types of media you have and what you’d like me to do with them. It can be anywhere from simply digitizing and organizing the images/videos to making a video like I did for my grandpa.


Timeless Family Treasures vows to keep family memories alive!

Here's how easy it is for you:

Step One: 

Book a FREE video consultation to discuss your media and what you want your final product to look like.

Step Two: 

I'll collect your media and digitize it for you. Additionally, if you want bonus products, like a video or photo book, that will be completed at this time as well.

Step Three: 

The final product is sent to you either digitally or on a DVD - your choice!

Step Four: 

Enjoy and relive family memories for years to come!

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